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GCB is a general contractor based in Seattle and specializing in residential construction and remodeling.  Our focus is on creating long lasting, environmentally sustainable, and healthy living spaces, built to match our clients needs, lifestyles and budgets.



Green City Builders was established in 2006 by owner/operator Ben Sharaf. Ben started working in construction in 1996 and has extensive experience in Framing and Finish carpentry, as well as a broad working knowledge of Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Drywall, Tile, Roofing, Concrete, and Painting. On smaller jobs (bathrooms, kitchens, small remodels) we handle most or all of the trades ourselves.  On larger jobs we have a healthy stable of subcontractors that we utilize for the non carpentry trades.  



On every project, our primary goal is to finish with a satisfied customer.  We achieve this by making sure that we start with a good design, either from a client’s architect or created in house. We then engage in a comprehensive planning process, which involves the homeowner, suppliers, subcontractors, and any other involved parties, assuring that when the project starts everything runs smoothly.  Throughout the course of construction GCB is in frequent communication with the client; this includes updates on progress, answering and asking questions, discussions of changes, recommendations, and general coordination to make sure that there are no surprises.  We are available for discussions on site, off site (at suppliers for example) or over the phone, and have flexible hours to match our client’s availability.  GCB maintains a high standard of quality for our workmanship,  and that standard extends to all of our subcontractors  The end result is that clients are happy not just with the finished product, but with the process, something that is rare in the industry.



Green is an amorphous term which can mean so many different things: energy efficient, sustainable, durable, non toxic, non polluting, recycled, salvaged, low/no waste. Etc. 

Our aim in regards to green construction is to tailor a plan for the individual client that focuses on their personal preferences, taking into account project scope, and budgetary concerns. Sometimes this simply means low cost items like zero V.O.C. paints, maximum insulation, energy conscious lighting, and minimizing material waste.  Other times it extends to include things like solar hot water heaters, FSC certified lumber, advanced framing techniques, or extensive material salvage.

On each project, we focus on the elements of “green” that are important to the individual client.  For some people this mainly involves interior environment, ie non-toxic products and finishes. For others the focus is sustainability and energy efficiency.  For most people it is a mix that usually involves budget as well.  Frequently there are some changes that can be made to green a project that will have no impact on the budget at all.  Beyond these, we gauge what elements are important to the client, and provide them with the choices they can  make, and the pertinent information to help them decide what  they’d like to do. This starts in the planning phase, and continues to the time when they are selecting the finishing touches. 

Put simply, we aim to provide people with the options, and knowledge to “build green” in a way that they feels good about. 

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